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Does Bark PDX have sufficient insurance coverage to protect its clients?
A: Yes. We are licensed, bonded and a proud member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC who provides us with a robust and comprehensive insurance plan.

Do you accept cash, checks and/or credit cards?
A: For your convenience we accept all methods of payment. All payments are to be received and processed at the time of your scheduled appointments.

What if I need an emergency pet care service?
A: We make an effort to accomodate last minute and/or emergency visits, but ask that you do your best not to wait until the last minute.

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Will my dog receive individualized attention?
A: Without a doubt (unless otherwise specified). We take pride in ensuring that your pet(s) will receive the highest quality individualized attention for a FULL 30 minute session. All walks are one on one with the dog walker.

My pet has displayed aggressive behavior in the past, can he/she still be a client?
A: For aggressive pets, our pet care providers will interview you and your pet in person to properly determine if our services would be appropriate. If at any time our pet care providers feel that it is unsafe to perform a service, we reserve the right to discontinue service without notice.

How will your pet providers discipline my pet, if necessary?
A: Bark PDX believes in positive reinforcement for pets only. We will never employ any aggressive strategies to discipline your pet. We will always keep you abreast of all disciplinary challenges that we face when caring for your pets.


Do you have boarding facilities?
A: We strongly believe in in-home care and have trusted pet care providers who can remain at your home should you need to go away for an extended period of time.

Are there additional fees for services provided on a holiday?
A: We consider the following to be our major annual holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve Day, and New Years Eve. There is a $10/day surcharge plus the standard charge for services provided on these dates.

Why is there a preliminary interview?
A: This gives us the opportunity to meet you and your pets and properly introduce you to our services. During this visit, the owner and/or manager will perform the following tasks: introduce themselves to you and your pet, pick up keys, address and dispel any concerns that you may have, make known your specific needs regarding your pet (e.g. vet information, emergency contact, special requests, etc.). There is no charge for this visit.

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What are your service areas?
A: Bark PDX currently provides dog walking and pet sitting services in and around the Portland area including NW / SW Portland, Beaverton, Aloha, Hillsboro and Tigard






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